Mersen Brand Fuse Surge Protection Device 83120138 STPT12-7K275V-4PG


Series: Surge-Trap® Pluggable STPT12 Series – 12.5kA
Type: SPD Type 1+2
Current Rating: 12.5kA
Voltage Rating: Uc275V
Configuration: 3+1 TT, 4 Poles, 4 Modules
Mounting: Pluggable
Standards: IEC 61643-11, EN 61643-11

Key Features & Benefits

Comprehensive Protection:
The STPT12-7K275V-4PG series offers combined Type 1+2/Class I+II protection, making it suitable for discharging lightning currents and safeguarding against voltage surges. It complies with the stringent EN/IEC 61643-11 standards, ensuring reliable performance in various installations.

Robust Discharge Capabilities:

  • Lightning Impulse Current: 12.5kA per phase (10/350μs)
  • Maximum Discharge Current: 50kA per phase (8/20μs)
  • Nominal Discharge Current: 20kA per phase (8/20μs)

Versatile Network Compatibility:
Compatible with TNS, TNC, TT, and IT networks, the device supports a range of voltage configurations, including 60V, 120/208V, 230/400V, 277/480V, and 400/690V.

Easy Installation and Maintenance:
The pluggable, DIN-rail mountable format simplifies installation. The device features visual and remote end-of-life indicators, ensuring timely maintenance. The reversible chassis design allows for flexible cable entry from either above or below.

Safety and Reliability:
Mechanically coded cartridges prevent replacement errors, enhancing safety. The device includes a 200 A gG back-up fuse, providing additional protection.


Industry and Automation:
Ideal for protecting industrial and automation systems from surge damage, ensuring uninterrupted operations and equipment longevity.

Commercial and Residential Installations:
Offers reliable surge protection for commercial buildings and residential properties, safeguarding electrical infrastructure and connected devices.

Telecom & IT & Data Centers:
Ensures the safety and functionality of telecom infrastructure, IT equipment, and data centers by preventing surge-related disruptions and damage.

Water Treatment:
Protects critical water treatment facilities from electrical surges, maintaining system reliability and efficiency.

Smart Grid & LV Metering:
Essential for smart grid applications and low voltage metering, providing robust protection against voltage surges in advanced electrical networks.

Photovoltaic & Wind:
Ensures the safety and efficiency of renewable energy installations, protecting photovoltaic and wind systems from surge damage.

The Mersen STPT12-7K275V-4PG is an essential component for ensuring comprehensive surge protection across a wide range of applications, combining ease of use, robust performance, and compliance with international standards.

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Product Specifications

Item Number


Catalogue No.


Short Description

SPD Type 1+2, 12.5kA, Uc275V, 3+1 TT, 4 Poles, 4 Modules, Pluggable



ROHS Compliant



Type 1+2 / Class I+II

Nominal Operating Volt Rating (Un)

230 / 400   V

AC or DC


Nominal Discharge Current (In) (8/20)


Max Discharge Current : Imax (8/20)


System Configuration


Lightning Impulse Current (10/350) (LIMP)

12,5   kA

Following Current (Ifi)

0,1   kA

Short Circuit Withstand (ISCCR)

25   kA

Indication System


Indication System Type

Visual Indicator

Number of Poles


Torque Rating

35.403   lb-in

Max. Back-Up Fuse

200 A gG

Housing Material

PA66 CT1; V-0

Uc (L-N)

275   V

Uc (N-PE)

255   V

Up at In (N-PE)

≤1.5   kV

Up at In (L-N)

≤1.3   kV

Replacement Plug N-PE


Replacement Plug L-N


Product Weight

1.426   lb

Product Width

5.67   in

Product Length

2.99   in

Product Height

3.54   in

Sell Pack Quantity

1   Each

Sell Pack Weight

1.426   lb

Sell Pack Width

3.15   in

Sell Pack Length

4.13   in

Sell Pack Height

3.54   in