Mersen Brand Surge Protection Device 83120150 – STPT12-25K275V-4PG



The Mersen Brand Surge Protection Device 83120150, also known as the STPT12-25K275V-4PG, is a highly advanced surge protection solution designed to shield electrical systems from lightning-induced surges and voltage spikes. Adhering to stringent standards like IEC 61643-11 and EN 61643-11, this device is essential for safeguarding sensitive electronic equipment and ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

Key Features & Benefits

Superior Surge Protection

The STP T12 25 series offers robust protection by combining Type 1+2/Class I+II surge protection capabilities. It is engineered to discharge lightning currents and shield against voltage surges, making it an ideal first line of defense in power supply systems.

  • Lightning Impulse Current: Capable of handling 25kA per phase (10/350μs)
  • Maximum Discharge Current: Can manage up to 100kA per phase (8/20μs)
  • Nominal Discharge Current: Rated at 25kA per phase (8/20μs)

Network Compatibility

This surge protection device is compatible with various network types, including TNS, TNC, and TT networks, ensuring versatile application across different electrical systems.

  • Nominal Voltage: Un(L-N/L-L): 230/400V

User-Friendly Design

The device features a DIN-rail mountable, plug-in format for easy installation and maintenance. Its reversible chassis allows for flexible cable entry from above or below, accommodating different installation needs.

  • Visual and Remote Indicators: Equipped with end-of-life indicators, both visual and remote, to notify users when the device needs replacement.
  • Mechanically Coded Cartridges: Designed to prevent errors during cartridge replacement, ensuring safety and reliability.

Back-Up Fuse

Incorporates a 315 A gG back-up fuse, providing an extra layer of protection and enhancing the durability of the system.


Industry and Automation

Perfect for industrial and automation environments where consistent and reliable power supply is critical.

Commercial and Residential Installations

Ideal for protecting commercial and residential electrical installations from surges caused by lightning strikes or grid fluctuations.

Telecom & IT & Data Centers

Essential for safeguarding data centers, telecom infrastructures, and IT systems where data integrity and uptime are paramount.

Water Treatment

Protects sensitive equipment in water treatment facilities, ensuring the smooth operation of critical infrastructure.

Smart Grid & LV Metering

Supports smart grid applications and low voltage metering systems by providing robust surge protection, contributing to overall grid stability.

Photovoltaic & Wind

Suitable for renewable energy installations, such as photovoltaic systems and wind turbines, protecting against surges and ensuring efficient energy production.

Compliance and Standards

The Mersen STPT12-25K275V-4PG adheres to international standards IEC 61643-11 and EN 61643-11, ensuring it meets global safety and performance requirements.


The Mersen Brand Surge Protection Device 83120150 – STPT12-25K275V-4PG is a versatile and reliable solution for protecting electrical systems from surges and lightning-induced damage. With its robust design, comprehensive features, and wide range of applications, it stands as an essential component for any installation requiring top-notch surge protection.