Eaton Bussmann High Speed Fuse Link PV-30A10F85L


The Eaton Bussmann High Speed Fuse Link PV-30A10F85L is a robust and efficient solution for photovoltaic systems, ensuring reliable protection against overcurrents. This high-speed fuse is designed to meet the rigorous demands of solar energy applications, offering superior performance and safety.

Key Features

High-Speed Performance

  • Amperage Rating: 30 A
  • Interrupt Rating: 30 kAIC
  • Voltage Rating: 1500 Vdc
  • Watt Losses: 6.6 W

The PV-30A10F85L fuse link provides quick and reliable protection, capable of interrupting high fault currents up to 30 kAIC. This ensures the safety and longevity of your photovoltaic system by preventing potential damage from overcurrent conditions.

Compact and Durable Design

  • Product Length/Depth: 85 mm
  • Product Height: 10 mm
  • Product Width: 10 mm
  • Product Weight: 17.3 g

The fuse link’s compact size (10 x 85 mm) and lightweight (17.3 g) design make it easy to integrate into various photovoltaic setups. Its fiberglass construction adds durability, ensuring it can withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Compliance and Certifications

  • Compliances: CE, RoHS Compliant
  • Certifications: IEC 60269

The Eaton Bussmann PV-30A10F85L meets international standards, including CE and RoHS compliance, as well as IEC 60269 certification. This guarantees that the product adheres to strict safety, environmental, and performance criteria.

Physical Details

  • Color: White
  • Material: Fiberglass fuse
  • Fuse Type: PV-A10F85L

The white fiberglass construction of the fuse ensures it is both durable and easy to identify within your electrical setup. The PV-A10F85L fuse type is specifically designed for photovoltaic applications, providing optimal performance.

Compatible Fuse Holder

  • Suitable for: CHPV15L85 Fuse holder

The PV-30A10F85L is compatible with the CHPV15L85 fuse holder, ensuring seamless integration and secure mounting within your photovoltaic system.


The Eaton Bussmann High Speed Fuse Link PV-30A10F85L is available at Shansen Traders, Coimbatore, the authorized channel partner of Eaton Bussmann Solar Energy Solution electrical products. This ensures you receive genuine products with reliable customer support.


The Eaton Bussmann High Speed Fuse Link PV-30A10F85L is an essential component for any photovoltaic system, providing reliable overcurrent protection, compliance with international standards, and a durable, compact design. Enhance the safety and efficiency of your solar energy setup with this high-quality fuse link, available at Shansen Traders.

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General specifications
Product Name
Eaton Bussmann series photovoltaic
Product Height
10 mm
Product Weight
17.3 g
IEC 60269