ABB’s MISTRAL65H Solar Edition


Illuminate Your Home with Safety: ABB’s MISTRAL65H Solar Edition

In the era where renewable energy takes the front seat, ABB’s MISTRAL65H Solar Edition emerges as a beacon of innovation in residential DC protection and safety. This IP65 rated consumer unit is more than just a component in your solar power setup; it’s the guardian of your peace of mind, ensuring that the energy illuminating your home is as safe as it is green.

Engineered for the Eco-Conscious Home

The MISTRAL65H Solar Edition is not just any protective unit; it’s a statement of your commitment to a sustainable future. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your residential solar power technology, this unit embodies strength and resilience, all wrapped in a sleek, modern aesthetic. It’s for those who believe that embracing renewable energy doesn’t mean compromising on style or safety.

Simplifying Solar, Enhancing Safety

Dive into a world where solar power setups are not synonymous with complex cabling and installations. The MISTRAL65H Solar Edition is crafted to significantly reduce cabling times, promoting a smoother, more efficient setup process. With its innovative design allowing for total integration between modular DIN-rail and front panel devices, this unit is a game-changer, ensuring your transition to solar is as smooth as the energy it harnesses.

Robust Protection, Refined Design

With the MISTRAL65H Solar Edition, your home’s safety is encased in elegance. Its IP65 rating signifies a high level of protection against dust and water, making it an ideal choice for residential environments where such safeguards are paramount. The unit’s elegant design allows it to be installed in visible areas of your home, serving not just as a protective device but as a modern home accessory that complements your eco-friendly lifestyle.

In embracing the MISTRAL65H Solar Edition, you’re not just choosing a safety unit for your solar system; you’re investing in a product that mirrors the innovation and sustainability of your home’s energy source. It’s a choice that reflects your dedication to a greener planet and a safer home.