ABB Brand T5N 400 TMA 400-4000 3P F F MCCB


ABB T5N 400 TMA 400-4000 3P F F MCCB: Your Ultimate Power Protection Partner

Unparalleled Protection with Thermomagnetic Release

The ABB T5N 400 TMA MCCB isn’t just another circuit breaker; it’s a fortress for your electrical systems. Equipped with a thermomagnetic release mechanism, it offers precision protection by combining thermal sensitivity for overload protection and magnetic performance for short-circuit safety. This dual-action defense ensures your installations are guarded against a wide range of electrical faults, making it a reliable safeguard for your power networks.

Robust and Reliable Performance

Crafted for endurance, the T5N 400 model boasts an impressive electrical durability of 7000 cycles at 60 cycles per hour, ensuring your systems run uninterrupted. With a rated current of 400A and the capability to withstand operational voltages up to 690V AC and 750V DC, this MCCB is designed to deliver consistent performance in the most demanding electrical environments.

Advanced Safety Features

Safety is non-negotiable in electrical systems, and the T5N 400 TMA MCCB is engineered with this in mind. It features a rated insulation voltage of 1000V and an impulse withstand voltage of 8kV, providing an extra layer of protection against voltage spikes and surges. The breaker’s short circuit performance level of 36kA underscores its ability to handle extreme fault conditions, ensuring peace of mind for engineers and electricians alike.

Designed for Compatibility and Convenience

The T5N 400 TMA MCCB seamlessly integrates into the TMax T product range, known for its compatibility and ease of use. With a compact size classified under the T5 frame, it offers a streamlined installation process. The front terminal design simplifies wiring, making it a user-friendly option for both new constructions and system upgrades.

Built to International Standards

This MCCB doesn’t just meet expectations; it sets them. Adhering to rigorous IEC standards, it exemplifies top-tier quality and reliability. Whether you’re safeguarding industrial machinery, commercial buildings, or critical infrastructure, the T5N 400 TMA MCCB stands as a testament to ABB’s commitment to excellence in power protection technology.

Eco-Friendly and Efficient

In today’s world, where sustainability is as important as efficiency, the T5N 400 TMA MCCB shines. Its moulded case design is not only robust but also environmentally friendly, minimizing the ecological footprint of your electrical installations. This product is a choice that benefits not just your systems but the planet as well.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Rated Current (In): 400A for the main circuit, ensuring substantial power handling capability.
  • Electrical Durability: Up to 7000 cycles, promising long-term reliability.
  • Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui): 1000V, offering enhanced safety and insulation.
  • Rated Operational Voltage: Up to 690V AC and 750V DC, versatile across various electrical setups.
  • Release Type: TM, for precise thermomagnetic protection.
  • Short Circuit Performance: 36kA, equipped to manage significant fault conditions.
  • Dimensions: Compact with a package size of 248mm x 285mm x 240mm, it fits seamlessly into electrical panels.

Your Trustworthy Electrical Companion

The ABB T5N 400 TMA 400-4000 3P F F MCCB is more than just a circuit breaker; it’s a commitment to excellence, safety, and reliability. Whether you’re an electrical engineer, a facility manager, or an electrician, this MCCB empowers you to protect, perform, and prevail in the face of electrical challenges. Choose the ABB T5N 400 TMA MCCB, and choose the peace of mind that comes with world-class power protection.