ABB Brand OTDC Switches From 16 to 32 Amperes


Revolutionize Your Solar Setup with ABB’s OTDC Switches

Embark on a journey of enhanced performance and unmatched energy efficiency with ABB’s OTDC switches, designed specifically for the modern solar-powered home. These switches, ranging from 16 to 32 Amperes, stand out in the solar power technology landscape, providing a solution that combines high performance with sustainability.

Engineered for Efficiency

The OTDC series sets a new benchmark for energy efficiency in solar applications. With exceptionally low power losses, these switches ensure that more of your solar energy goes directly to powering your home, even in the face of high ambient temperatures. The remarkable feature here is the lack of need for derating the rated currents, maintaining optimal performance even beyond 60°C (140°F).

Space-Saving Design for Optimal Installation

Space, time, and cost are of the essence in any solar installation. ABB’s OTDC switches address these considerations head-on, offering a compact solution that doesn’t skimp on capability. With various DC voltage ratings up to 1000 V DC and the ability to control up to three circuits within a single footprint area, these switches are a game-changer for efficient solar system design.

Flexible Mounting Options

Adaptability is key in residential solar installations, and the OTDC switches deliver with three versatile mounting options: door, base, and DIN rail. This flexibility ensures that regardless of your specific setup or spatial constraints, there’s an OTDC switch that fits seamlessly, making installation a breeze and integrating perfectly into your solar system.

With ABB’s OTDC switches, you’re not just choosing a component for your solar system; you’re opting for a high-performance, energy-efficient solution that’s designed to save space, time, and cost. It’s an investment in the reliability and efficiency of your home’s renewable energy source, ensuring that your solar power system is as sustainable as it is powerful.