ABB Brand Molded Case Circuit Breakers Tmax-XT


Introducing ABB’s SACE Tmax XT series, a line of Molded Case Circuit-Breakers (MCCBs) that redefine reliability and functionality in AC protection and safety within solar energy solutions. Designed not just as protective devices, these MCCBs are integral components of the electrical system, offering unmatched flexibility, exceptional breaking capabilities, and steadfast performance even under extreme conditions.

SACE Tmax XT Series: Innovation in Circuit Protection

The SACE Tmax XT series by ABB brings together advanced technology and user-centric design to offer a superior range of MCCBs that enhance the safety, efficiency, and operability of solar energy systems.

Tailored for Maximum Ease of Use

  • User-Friendly Interface: The Tmax XT MCCBs are engineered with a focus on simplicity, facilitating ease of use through intuitive interfaces and straightforward handling, making system management accessible to everyone.
  • Seamless Integration: ABB understands the importance of compatibility in solar energy systems. The Tmax XT series is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing setups, ensuring a smooth and efficient addition to your system without the need for extensive modifications.

Enhanced Connectivity

  • System Integration: These MCCBs are not just circuit protectors; they are a vital part of your overall energy management system. Equipped with advanced connectivity options, the Tmax XT series allows for real-time monitoring and control, enabling a smarter, more responsive solar energy system.

Exceptional Performance and Reliability

ABB’s SACE Tmax XT MCCBs are built to perform in the most demanding situations, ensuring reliability and safety across various applications.

Extreme Breaking Capabilities

  • Robust Protection: With their extreme breaking capabilities, these MCCBs can handle high fault currents without compromise, providing reliable protection against severe overloads and short-circuits.

Dependable Under Pressure

  • Steadfast Operation: Designed to withstand tough conditions, the Tmax XT series ensures consistent performance and durability, maintaining operational integrity and prolonging the lifespan of your solar energy infrastructure.

Flexibility and Quality in Solar System Safety

The SACE Tmax XT MCCBs from ABB are more than just components; they are versatile solutions tailored to meet diverse needs, from residential applications to large-scale industrial systems.

Complete System Flexibility

  • Customizable Configurations: With a range of options and accessories, the Tmax XT series can be tailored to meet specific requirements, offering complete flexibility to enhance system efficiency and safety.

Embrace the Next Generation of MCCBs

The ABB SACE Tmax XT series stands out as a pinnacle of innovation in molded case circuit-breakers, setting new standards for protection, connectivity, and ease of use in solar energy systems. By choosing Tmax XT, you are not just installing a circuit-breaker; you are enhancing the entire energy management system with capabilities that push the boundaries of what is possible.


Molded case circuit-breakers Tmax XT
The SACE Tmax XT series of Molded
Case Circuit-Breakers (MCCBs) are
designed to maximize ease of use,
integration and connectivity while
reliably delivering safety and quality.
Rather than just offering standalone
protection, they are seen as key
elements of the system that give you
complete flexibility, extreme breaking
capabilities and reliable performance
under pressure.