ABB Brand EcoFlex eHouse


Modular Design and Tested Assembly

The ABB EcoFlex eHouse offers a flexible, modular solution with factory-assembled and tested components. Its ISO-standard dimensions allow combinable modules for scalable solutions, while its seismic-rated structure ensures durability in various conditions. The C5M coating adds extra protection against corrosive environments.

Risk Mitigation and Improved Lead Time

Experience reduced overall costs and risks with minimal site works and factory production. The EcoFlex eHouse is designed for efficient installation, reducing lead times and optimizing your workflow. Its pre-engineered modules ensure consistent quality and performance.

Transportable and Configurable

Transportable and standardized, the EcoFlex eHouse provides extensive configuration options. Customize your setup with a range of electrical equipment, floor and wall materials, and different module combinations. Its adaptable design and standard shipping capabilities make it an ideal choice for various applications.