ABB Brand E90 PV Fuse Holders & Fuses


Secure Your Solar: ABB’s E90 PV Fuse Holders & Fuses

Elevate the safety and efficiency of your solar power system with ABB’s E90 PV Fuse Holders and fuses. Crafted meticulously for the specific demands of photovoltaic (PV) applications, these components are the unsung heroes in the background, ensuring the smooth and safe operation of your solar energy setup.

Designed for Solar Excellence

The E90 PV fuse holders stand out in the realm of solar power technology with their ability to handle rated voltages of up to 1500V DC. This makes them an ideal choice for string protection in PV applications, safeguarding your solar panels and ensuring uninterrupted energy flow.

Compact, Yet Mighty

Size matters, but not in the way you think. The compact design of the E90 PV fuse holders allows for seamless integration within a string combiner box or an inverter, optimizing space without compromising on performance. This compactness is a testament to ABB’s innovative approach to combining functionality with convenience.

Versatile Protection

Pair the E90 PV fuse holders with E9F PV cylindrical fuses to achieve a tailored protection solution for your system. Whether you’re operating at 1000V or pushing the limits at 1500V DC, this dynamic duo provides the reliability and security your solar setup needs to thrive.

Choosing ABB’s E90 PV Fuse Holders and fuses means investing in durability, safety, and efficiency for your solar power system. It’s about ensuring that your leap into renewable energy is supported by the best in class protection technology.