ABB Brand E90 50A/125A Fuse Switch-disconnectors


Introducing ABB’s E90 50A/125A Fuse Switch-Disconnectors: a cornerstone of reliability and safety in solar energy solutions. These meticulously engineered devices are essential for anyone looking to enhance the safety and performance of their solar energy systems. Designed with precision, the E90 series fuse switch disconnectors bring an unparalleled level of protection against the most common electrical hazards.

Advanced Protection for Solar Systems

ABB’s E90 50A/125A fuse switch disconnectors stand as a testament to ABB’s commitment to safety and innovation. Tailored to meet the needs of modern solar energy systems, these devices ensure your setup is safeguarded against short-circuits and overloads, critical for maintaining system integrity and longevity.

Tailored for Cylindrical Fuses

  • Versatile Compatibility: The E90 range is designed to accommodate cylindrical fuses of 14x51mm and 22x58mm sizes, offering a flexible solution that can be adapted to a wide variety of solar energy applications.
  • Comprehensive Range: Available from 1 to 4 poles, the E90 series provides a comprehensive solution for solar energy systems, ensuring that you have the right protection for every circuit.

Enhanced Safety and Reliability

With the E90 series, safety is never compromised. Each device in the range is engineered to offer robust protection against electrical faults, ensuring the safety of both your system and its users.

Short-Circuit and Overload Protection

  • Dedicated Design: The E90 series is specifically crafted to protect against the most prevalent risks in solar energy systems, including short-circuits and overloads, preserving the longevity and efficiency of your setup.

Disconnection Properties

  • IEC 60947-3 Standard Compliance: The E90 fuse switch disconnectors are designed in accordance with the IEC 60947-3 standard, guaranteeing reliable disconnection properties and ensuring that your system meets global safety benchmarks.

Simplified Installation and Maintenance

ABB’s E90 series is not only about protection; it’s also about ease of use. The design of the E90 fuse switch disconnectors prioritizes straightforward installation and maintenance, making it simpler to integrate and manage within your solar energy system.

User-Friendly Design

  • Easy Integration: The E90 series is engineered for ease of installation, allowing for a seamless integration into your solar energy system without the need for complex modifications.
  • Maintenance Simplicity: Designed with maintenance in mind, the E90 series allows for easy access and replacement of fuses, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency of your solar setup.

ABB’s E90 Series: Your Partner in Solar Safety

Choosing ABB’s E90 50A/125A fuse switch disconnectors means selecting a product that stands for reliability, safety, and performance. As part of ABB’s comprehensive solar energy solution products, the E90 series provides the protection your system needs to operate safely and efficiently, day in and day out. Embrace the future of solar energy with ABB’s E90 series, where safety and performance go hand in hand.


The E 90 50A/125A fuse switch
disconnectors range for cylindrical
fuses 14x51mm and 22x58mm, is
specifically designed to provide
protection against short-circuits and
overloads. It is available in a complete
range from 1 to 4 poles and provides
disconnection properties according
to IEC 60947-3 Standard.